Sword Art Online Integral Factor Mod APK v2.0.6 Download

Download Sword Art Online Integral Factor Mod APK For Android. Sword Art Online Integral Factor Mod APK is a continuation of the story of SAO.
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Sep 15, 2022
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Download Sword Art Online Integral Factor Mod APK For Android. Sword Art Online Integral Factor Mod APK is a continuation of the story of SAO. However, you will be the main character.

If you are a fan of the Sword Art Online or SAO anime, then this is definitely going to be a treat for you. This game for Android puts you in the center of the action, where you play the main role. You can relive the first season in this VR game. Which season will you be next? Get Sword Art Online Integral factor for Android now.

Sword Art Online Integral Factor Features

Check out these incredible features that are part of the amazing SAO game everyone should be playing. You can then download the game to test your skills.

Enter the World of Sword Art Online: In this version of the events of the anime, YOU are the protagonist. As you try to escape this horrible game, the story will unfold around you. You will die in real-life if you are one of the players. This cannot be true.

The year is 2022 and 10,000 players are trapped in this game. Team up with Koharu, and strive to make your way to the 100th floor of Aincard.

Utilize Different Melee Weapons: Even though the name of the series is Sword Art Online, that doesn’t mean you’re just limited to swords. You have the ability to use rapiers, daggers and spears to defeat your enemies.


Additionally, these weapons will have different skills that give you an edge in battle. For even more damage, you can equip up three of these skills and have your partners perform them together. Your skills’ effectiveness is measured in ranks. These ranks can range from one star to five stars.

Form Assault Teams: In order to conquer the game, you will need to form Assault Teams with other players from all around. You will see familiar faces from manga and anime, such as Asuna or Kirito. You can take on super-powerful challenges and raids to increase your skills and get cool rewards. To win, find out the weaknesses of your opponents and take advantage of them. Collaboration is the key to success.

Now, there are still more aspects of the game that can be discovered. The surprises that lie ahead of you should not be spoilt. You can instead get Sword Art Online Integral factor for Android. You can play the game for just a few minutes to determine if the features are worth the cost.

We think the game is very enjoyable and we recommend playing it for many hours. You are the best judge. Slash your way through enemies and work your way to the 100th floor of Aincard.


The graphics of Sword Art Online Integral Factor are actually pretty good. The 3D approach to the game is very satisfying and appropriate for its setting. The visuals are based on anime so they shouldn’t look too realistic. They should be closer to the original.

As far as the animations go, everything also seems smooth when running. You’ll be satisfied with each skill and move as your character attacks. This, combined with beautiful sounds and music makes the game an absolute treat!

Who would have thought that being in a game with life and death stakes could be so exciting?

Sword Art Online Intual Factor Mod APK Download

Are you ready to dive into the world of Sword Art Online? Yes? You are sure? The download link will allow you to immediately start the game and enjoy the story.

The APK version has few noticeable differences to the original. We still recommend this version to users who do not want to go to the Google Play Store. You might have other reasons to avoid the Play Store. You can customize the game using an APK. You might also find some restrictions in the Play Store that you don’t like.


Play alone, or join a party of other friends in your journey to overcome the 100 floors of Aincrad. Are you confident that you can accomplish this task? Although it won’t be an easy task, it is necessary. To start your quest, download the Sword Art Online Integral Factor Android Download.

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