Google desert named Android, ending Qсам® “Android 10”

Google desert named Android, ending Qсам® “Android 10”

Google desert named Android, ending Qсам® “Android 10”

Google has provided a “code name” for every real Android update, but that deal is about to end. Android Q will not be named after a previous appearance in the distribution. This will show 10 and its official name is: Android10. This is a notable brand for Android and Google expects it to generate widespread interest.

The Android naming convention has been extended to 1.5 Cupcakes, which is an important update and is the third form of Android. Options 1.0 and 1.1 (probably An and B) do not have an open name. Android enthusiasts are left with the name of hospitality to describe all the fun and innovative things about the operating system. We often guess the name of the name and the name in the new Googleground statue that comes with each version. Until now

Google often updates the Android brand. You can see the new logo above, using brighter fonts in the dark (instead of green) and the Bugdroid mascot currently moving forward. The shadow of Bugdroid is also calm. The team says that finding a good name for each problem is increasingly difficult and Q is especially difficult. The team added that the pressure to start naming is unclear. For example, people in some countries may not know what nougat is. When trying to discover how to code on a phone, using numbers is easier than using code names.

When things are up, has the cause improved now? Finding a decent name has an undeniable problem when Q . Google also seems to be more interesting than the people mentioned. Some of the final revelations are unnoticed thoughts, and these statues are annoying. For a long time, Google has allowed the development of variants similar to the Bugdroid theme, similar to frozen mammoths such as sandwiches or KitKat bars. After all, this is the only bugdroid that can be cured. The KitKat contest is the subject of challenges and gifts, but Google barely recognizes the aura. Yawning With Google’s warm fall, La Chi Tuong 10 is an ideal place to rest.

Google has plans for people to remember to distribute Android 10. In any case, the agreement is very healthy. Anyway, this will be the giant “10”. This can be surprisingly encouraging when the statue is displayed on Google. This will happen when we launch Android 10 in the coming weeks.

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